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DLT 4000 Questions about media!

Jason Tryon
Valued Contributor

DLT 4000 Questions about media!

I've a DLT IV autoloader which is running fine for a while, then the cleaning light
comes on. What type of cleaning media should I use for this unit?



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Jason Tryon
Valued Contributor

Re: DLT 4000 Questions about media!

Not sure how my name posted mutiple message, as I have answered you AshFag.

it looks as if there was something wrong with your submit and my reply.

Well I am sure it will get answered in the wash.


Thanks for the kind words.
Chris Vail
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 4000 Questions about media!

Very simply: a DLT IV cleaning tape. You can get them at CDW or almost any place that sells DLT tapes. The tape drive internally tracks both the number of loads/unloads and the number of hours that the tape has been moving across the heads. It lights this light based on this info, rather than whether or not the tape head is actually dirty. So you can continue to use your DLT for a while, but get a tape cleaning cartridge ASAP. Just use it like any other tape: it'll run for maybe 30 seconds, then unload. The cleaning light will go off. Usually, you can use a cleaning tape 10-20 times before discarding.