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DLT 7000 2/15


DLT 7000 2/15

Hi, I have been working on for almost 1 month. The problem is that I have a DLT 7000 2/15 machine. For drive 1, after I load the tape into it from the control panel, I can't unload the tape from drive 1. But I can do it on drive 2. After I switch two drives(Put drive 1 into drive 2's position, while drive 2 into drive's), the drive 1 can't, but drive 2 can. This means that the drive is not the problem. When I operate drive 1 with 'mc',error occurs. But for drive 2, all operations return normal.
I had replaced drive 1's internal SCSI cable bundle and SCSI interface PCA. No improvement got...

Who can help? Thanks in advance.
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Karen T
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Re: DLT 7000 2/15


What operating system are you using? Are you using 1 or 2 SCSI controllers for the 2/15 library? What are the SCSI settings of the library? Need more information about how you have the library installed, controllers, operating system, and software so we can better assist. There are some diagnostic tools available at the following url, depending on your operating system:


KarenT HPTechnician
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Curtis Ballard
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Re: DLT 7000 2/15

With that model the solenoid that locks tapes in DLT drives is controlled directly by the tape library. It is possible that the connector or the driver to open that lock is damaged. When you try to move a tape listen carefully for the "click" sound just before the picker tries to pull out the tape. If drive position 2 clicks and position 1 doesn't that is your problem
D Wong
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Re: DLT 7000 2/15

Hi Lalo:

Okay, if something is broken on 2/15 Library it will fail to operate correctly with no SCSI cables connected. So, first test Library with front control panel and no cables connected. Try to load and unload 1 drive and then both drives from front panel. If this works, then proceed to next step of reconnecting SCSI cables. Check that you have dip switches and cables connected to the right SCSI ports e.g. S.E. for Single-ended and Differential to HVD. If everything is connected properly, there should not be any red lights on back of Library. Next do IOSCAN to see if devices appear attached to server. Before you can use mc command, you must create a device file for the robotics. Check Library user manual - its a long expanation. insf -e or rebooting should automatically add devices files for tape drives. You should now be able to use mc command to load tape cartridges into tape drives - see man pages on switch parameters to use with mc command.

Hope this helps!