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DLT 8000 Tape Drive Installtion

Occasional Contributor

DLT 8000 Tape Drive Installtion

I am trying to install DLT 8000 Tape Drive onto a HP9000 K Class/K360 (HP-UX 10.20) server. I managed to install using a differential SCSI card. ioscan identifies the drive. But when I tried to take backup using fbackup it returns an error. Using SAM following error message appears "The error handler has gotten the error code 1 of type NOTE ....."

Can anyone advice on this. Further I wish to know whether I can install above drive on a K Class server?

Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT 8000 Tape Drive Installtion


I suggest that you try something simple from the command line to see what happens. From what you say it seems that the drive is installed correctly.

Insert a tape into the drive
# mt -t /dev/rmt/Xm rew (Replace X with your device from your 'ioscan' output.
# mt -t /dev/rmt/Xm fsf 1

If these just come back to the command line try and write something to the tape like a tar backup.
# mt -t /dev/rmt/Xm rew
# tar cvf /dev/rmt/Xm /opt

Let us know the results. If it fails include your 'ioscan' output

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
paul courry
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Re: DLT 8000 Tape Drive Installtion

Uh, you do realize that a HPPB FW SCSI card does not have enough bandwidth to support the card? It has to be an HSC FW SCSI card.

Re: DLT 8000 Tape Drive Installtion

Hello; even on an HP-HSC you won't get the DLT8000 to stream continuously.
We tested years ago extensively and optimized the fbackup params: K210/HP-HSC/Nike/DLT7000 configuration. Even using large files it wil stop/start every 4 seconds. But it does 15Gb/hour (oracle database) which is ok for us.
Have a look at HP's white paper