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DLT Autoloader - Tape stuck

Occasional Contributor

DLT Autoloader - Tape stuck

During a night backup with Veritas a hardware error occurred (Final error: 0xe00084ed - A hardware error occurred). Tape stuck in drive. I could not unload it so I have turned off the device – also unplugged the power cable.
After inventory check DRIVE IDLE message is displayed.
I’ve also tried unload tape, empty drive – I get error 35h -Internal test failed for an unknown reason.
With open drv handle test I was able to remove the tape from drive, but a DRIVE IDLE is still displayed.
What else can I do?

Chan 007
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT Autoloader - Tape stuck


There is a small notch under the DLT drive, you much just push it with you finger and then eject with the DLT hand very gently.

In fact I have done this, I don't know how to express.

Note: The notch is made of plastic and will be right side bottom of the drive, you can see it. Just release it by pushing /pulling

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Re: DLT Autoloader - Tape stuck

I was already able to get it out of the drive. But there is still something wrong with device. As I said DRIVE IDLE is displayed. If I now for example try to load a tape I get a drive command timeout. If I select open door it ask me if I want to remove a tape (tape is not in the drive anymore). If I answer No I get Canâ t open door drive full. If a answer yes I get driver failure after a while.

I donâ t have any clues left what can be wrong. I assume that something is really wrong with hardware itself :(
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Re: DLT Autoloader - Tape stuck

Consider this drive as bad. Open a call to exchange the drive.

Hope this helps!

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