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DLT Firmware / Personalty

Alan Kirkland_1
Occasional Visitor

DLT Firmware / Personalty

I recently purchased a DLT 7000 internal drive with an unlocked personality version of 0-1.
This was so I could download any version of firmware on to the drive when it arrived.
Unfortunatly, I have installed a loader firmware by mistake giving the drive a personality of 15-3. My intention was to load firmware version V106, personality 4-1.
How do I get back to the unlocked code of 0-1 so I can install the correct firmware.
Many thanks.
Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: DLT Firmware / Personalty

Hi Alan,

I'm afraid there is no way of doing this. The firmware present in the drive will prevent any firmware upgrades of a different personality with a 'personality conflict' error code. Only the factory has the ability to change personalities.