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DLT VS 40/80 Don't remember media

Sumuscha Teesri
Occasional Visitor

DLT VS 40/80 Don't remember media

We are using Compaq External DLT VS 40/80 tape. With the following configuration.

- Windows 2000 Server with SP 3
- Windows Backup software

We also set schedule to backup tape every day at 04:00 pm. In addition, we reuse tape for the day of week such as M,Tu,W,Th,F,S. After setting all schedules. We should only swap the tape according to the day of week we set. And the backup software should recognize the tape. The problem is it does not. When ever we swap the tape, for example, we finish the Monday backup and swap the Tu tape in, the next Monday we reuse the Monday tape again. We should not do anything, because the backup program should remember the tape but it does not. However, if we do not swap the tape. I means if we take the tape of without putting the new one in place. We still be able to see the same tape. So, what could be the problem?
David Holbrook
Regular Advisor

Re: DLT VS 40/80 Don't remember media

Just a thought, but have you set up the backup program to overwrite the tapes, or is it just appending to the existing tape? If it is the latter, and the tape is full, your backup will fail.

If you leave the Monday tape in, will the system over write it on Tuesday and now call it Tuesday? If not, you will have the same problem if you put in a full Mon tape for the new Mon backup. I have always made it a practice to erase all tapes when they are installed to prevent any problems like this. If you erase the tape, does it record properly? If so, check your configuration to insure you are telling the system to overwrite the tape.


Sumuscha Teesri
Occasional Visitor

Re: DLT VS 40/80 Don't remember media

We always set Replace the tape. We use the Monday tape for Monday Backup only. But after we backup the Monday tape, we keep it in aother site. Next Monday, we get the Monday tape back and start backup up using Replace again. But the schedule we set don't allow us to do this. We want every thing to be automate as much as possible. In this case, if you recommend us to erase all tapes. How should we autimate this job.