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DLT8000 2/20 can not load tape to drive!

Ian lee

DLT8000 2/20 can not load tape to drive!

Hi,One of my tape library load tape to drive failed,following is the DLT hard error log:
hard error log (1/10)
Failed to load tape into drive,drive controller module hardware failed.
Move from storage slot 16 to drive 1 failed.
2002 03/11 09:43:03 Code 62,qualifier 103 sequence ... 111,112,113,114,54
And its gave two sugestions,one is "Clear the tape path",the other is "Power cycle the library".I do not know how to "clear the tape path"?
If you know what to do with this problem,and how to do it,please help me.


David Lee
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT8000 2/20 can not load tape to drive!


Usually this type of problem happens as a result of a SCSI reset, firmware. Clearing the tape path could indicate that there is a possibility that a tape remains in the tape drive. Your could if there is a tape in the drive is to to move it to a vacant slot.

For the below commands I am assuming your using
HPUX. To find a vacant slot (assuming your robot device is configured)

# mc -p /dev/robot -r S (shows empty slots)
# mt -t /dev/rmt/1m rew (rewind the tape)
# mt -t /dev/rmt/1m offl (puts the tape offline)
# mc -p /dev/robot -sD1 -dS5 (takes the tape
from drive 1 and places it in slot 5

Power cycling your library unit should not be a problem at all.Here is a link to all of the online manuals for your unit.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Ian lee

Re: DLT8000 2/20 can not load tape to drive!

Hi michale,thanks reply,but your message no use to me,to show the storage slot,to move tape from one slot to anther,no need to use these commands,you can complete these session on controll-pannel of the DLT8000.The hard erro log said "controller module hardware failed",I think must replace the drive controller.

but,thanks anyway.

David lee
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: DLT8000 2/20 can not load tape to drive!

errror code 62 is :failed to load a catridge into a drive
sequences errors indicate each micromove before the error
check inside library if something is detached and creating problem to picker movement (like labels etc..)
then try a Recalibration test