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Data Protector requesting tape from empty slot

Sebastian Probst_1
Occasional Advisor

Data Protector requesting tape from empty slot

Hello together,

strange things going on - almost every day DP 5.5 is doing an mount request for the MSL 6060 Slot 7 but this slot is empty? I already set to scan before starting the backup and when I have a look in the DP device settings for the MSL 6060 slot 7 is shown as empty but DP keeps requesting a tape from there.

A little bit annoying as the backup is interupted until someone manually cancels this job.

Any ideas?

Uli Böhm
Frequent Advisor

Re: Data Protector requesting tape from empty slot

Is slot 7 reserved by DP or by the library? Reserved Slots by the lib are normaly 26/27 and 28. Are there any media pools in DP, if, please verify that your empty slot isn´t included. Run an inventory with DP.