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Data protector express multiple servers - ODBR

Occasional Contributor

Data protector express multiple servers - ODBR


I have one Data protector express with only one tape drive and 3 servers... ¿Is there any way to use the ODBR in the servers without drive? I assume I can´t boot from a drive not directly attached: So Which is the way to recover a proliant server from bare metal with no tape drive attached? Or it is simply impossible?
Marek Nelec
Honored Contributor

Re: Data protector express multiple servers - ODBR

I guess it is possible to create a bootable recovery CD/DVD on the media server to execute the recovery. Look here:

D Lancaster
Honored Contributor

Re: Data protector express multiple servers - ODBR


The current versions of Data Protector Express require a directly attached device to do OBDR.

You have two recovery options:

1. Recover from tape - Requires that you physically connect the tape drive to the server to be recovered and then execute the OBDR steps. (Assumes you have a tape with a full backup including the ODBR track.)

2. Create a bootable CD/DVD and a special disaster recovery DVD - This would be a separate backup with just the OS and configuration information plus the DP Express agents. You would boot from the CD/DVD and then follow the steps to recover from the DVD. After that recovery is complete you could recover the remaining data files from the tape drive connected to the other server.

Dave L