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Data transfer rate for MSL 6000 with 2 Ult-3 960 drives

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Data transfer rate for MSL 6000 with 2 Ult-3 960 drives

Hi All,

We have an MSL 6000 with 2 x LTO Ultrium-3 960 drives. We are getting an effective speed of about 126 MB/s or 443.24 GB/hr, during the bi-weekly scheduled offline backup.

Request some help on where to find the actual data transfer rate that the unit should give
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Data transfer rate for MSL 6000 with 2 Ult-3 960 drives

If you read in the forum, you will see there are a lot of reason why the performance may be degraded.
This may be due to old tapes, worn read/write head, dirty read/write head, due to communication issue, defective cables, overload of the server, or slow data source.
The native transfer rate capacity of a LTO3 is 80MB/s using LTO3 tapes
so if you are getting 126 MB/s I suppose you are having data allowing some compression, and the result is very good.

If you want to have some figures out of the backup application result, you can run LTT on the host and use the "device perf test" in order to run tests from the host memory directly to the LTO drive (so you test the host, HBA, cabling and Drive) so you can see the max speed on your environment.
There is also the "device perf test" that allow you to mesure the data source troughput