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Default Password for a MSL 2024

Paul M. Michelena
Occasional Contributor

Default Password for a MSL 2024

I received my tape library and the front LCD was damaged point is I am trying to logon with the web-interface (admin). I've searched and searched but can't find it.

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Re: Default Password for a MSL 2024

According to the manual, you must set the password from the front panel first:

"Before using the RMI (remote management interface), you must configure the device's networking and set the administrator password with the OCP"


page 51

You can also try "00000000".

Hope this helps!

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Re: Default Password for a MSL 2024

Curtis Ballard
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Re: Default Password for a MSL 2024

There is no default RMI password. Using all zeros as has been reported several times is not supposed to work and hasn't on the units I've tried.

With the latest firmware you should be able to call HP tech support and have them generate a temporary password then you can log into the web interface as admin and set a password. I haven't tried that feature yet though.
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Re: Default Password for a MSL 2024

Very simple.
go to the tape and set the admin password from there, go back to you pc and use it.