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Difference betwen SureStore 24e and 24eU

Occasional Visitor

Difference betwen SureStore 24e and 24eU

I intent to buy one tape drive but I'm a litle bit lost.
The drive is to apply in a Unix server and VMS server (not at same time) and it's not clear what are the exact diferences in this two drives. Can anybody help please ?
David Childs
Occasional Visitor

Re: Difference betwen SureStore 24e and 24eU

Hi Luis,

The 24e and 24eU are referenced on the following link:

Both are external units (in a box), identified by the 'e'.

The difference between '24e' and '24eU' is that the '24e' has a power supply within the box. The '24eU' does not have a power supply in the box, power must be supplied separately and I believe that there is a DIN-style connector on the back of the box to supply this from the Unix system.