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Does 9.1 work with windows ME?

Karlo Vartan
Occasional Visitor

Does 9.1 work with windows ME?

I read your messages, I have windows ME, and for life of me, I can not make my Colorado 14 to work with it. I was told the 9.1 is the one. Is that true, there is anyway, I can get a copy of it. I am willing to pay for it.

Thank you
Trusted Contributor

Re: Does 9.1 work with windows ME?

Yes you are quite right.

Colorado Backup II 9.1 is the version that supported Millenium.

Unfortunately it is now discontinued and you'll have to go get the software that VERITAS has (in fact, Colorado Backup II was a VERITAS product)


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Karlo Vartan_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Does 9.1 work with windows ME?

Thank You John, that helps alot.