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ESL712e compatibility with SUN OS

Frequent Advisor

ESL712e compatibility with SUN OS

Hi All,

I have a ESL712e with 10 LTO3 drives at one of my cust site which is connected to Sunfire 6900 (management server) and they are using Veritas netbackup as backup application.

Currently they installed 2 HBA cards (Qlogic 2342)to the management server (sunfire 6900).
Out of 10 drives, 4 drives are connected to 1st HBA & 6 drives + robotic is connected to the 2nd HBA.

The Current issue is that when the customer is trying to add one more HBA of same model to the Mgmt server & while configuring the HBA 4 drives are not visible from the application end & I m not able to try a tar backup on 2 drives which is showing me an I/O error.
When we reverted back to the original configuration all d drives are working normally.So here there is no chance of drive going faulty.

I doubt on the HBA model & driver version.

Can anyone could provide me the proper information about the supported HBA & its version as well as the link to download it .

It would be very much useful for me if I get a positive result regarding this.

Thanks & Regards,

Marino Meloni_1
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Re: ESL712e compatibility with SUN OS

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Re: ESL712e compatibility with SUN OS

Hi Buddy,

thnx a lot for the latest release of EBS .. infact I m having 0506 release in which QLA2342 is not supported....

will check & let u know abt it ...

thanks & regards,