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ESL9198/e1200 - Proper FC Port Configuration

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ESL9198/e1200 - Proper FC Port Configuration

I just connected our legacy library (ESL9198) to our new fabric (SAN Switch 4/32). I had configured the switch port as "F Port", set the speed to 2Gbps and I thought I was in business. The WWPN from the e1200 NSR was visible from the Name Server in Web Tools, I was able to assign an alias to the WWPN and zone it to our backup server.

Then I decided to do "clean" startup of the library before scanning it with Storageworks Library & Tape Tools and it went south from there. I can no longer see the WWPN and there's no link LED at the switch or at the e1200 in the back of the library. I do still see the "Port Status" as In_Sync, so assume there is some low-level connectivity, but can't be sure.

I tried some different port configurations, fiddled with the speed, all with no luck. Does anyone know the recommended port configuration I should be using on a SAN Switch 4/32 to best support the e1200? Thank you.
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Re: ESL9198/e1200 - Proper FC Port Configuration

I decided to post my workaround should anyone run across a similar need. I had gone so far as to update the firmware in the NSR to latest (5.9.63 with BIOS 4.19) and connect the library to the network, so I could fiddle with the NSR fiber interface settings, but I had no luck.

It appears this NSR may have a compatibility issue with the newer 4Gbps SFP transceivers in my switches. A temporary workaround was to disconnect the fiber from the non-functioning port, connect to another active port to establish link and then I could connect back to the original port, but the next time the library was rebooted I'd have to go through the same process.

I ended up using a legacy 2Gbps SFP transceiver in the SAN Switch 4/32 and the connection is preserved when the library is rebooted.