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Error 1145 media write error - Drive or media failure

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Error 1145 media write error - Drive or media failure

We have got COMPAQ PL3000 server with NETWARE 4.11 (SERVICE PATCH SP8) & COMPAQ 4/8 AUTOLOADER as the backup device. Arcserve v6.1 as the backup s/w installed.

Whenever the backup is scheduled it gives above mentioned error at any time from the start of the backup.

Has implemented the following things:
1. Cleaned the autoloader head with cleaning cartridge.
2. Used new media of different make.
3. Used different autoloader of the same make and model with different magzines.
4. Changed the external SCSI cable.
5. Implemented Netware 4.11 service pack SP8a.
6. Implemented the COMPAQ SMARTSTART S/W R 4.40.
7. Implemented service pack AS61SP2 for arcserve.
8. Implemented LO44849.CAZ.
9. Tried to take backup without loading the changer option.

But were unsuccessful in resolving the problem.

Will appreciate help.

NOTE: At the same time tried taking full backup on HP SureStore DAT-24 and were successful.
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Error 1145 media write error - Drive or media failure

Try updating the firmware on the Server and also update the SCSI device drivers from the latest NSSD .