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Error message on DAT 8 surestore

Bill Miller_2
Occasional Visitor

Error message on DAT 8 surestore

The device, \Device\Tape0 has a bad block

Have tried new tapes, same message. Any diag. tools to check this out? do they come with the drive?
Running MS SBS NT4.0.
Error appears in Event log.

Thanks for any assistance.
Dries Bertier
Respected Contributor

Re: Error message on DAT 8 surestore

Only a new tape device solves this problem...
<< please try >>
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Error message on DAT 8 surestore

Hello Bill,

If all has been working fine for you until now, it might be that the drive has developed a fault on one of it's read/write heads or that the drive might benefit from some cleaning.

1. clean the tape drive 2 or 3 times by loading a DDS cleaning tape.
2. try a brand new tape

if all this does not help I suggest that you call in HP for a replacement if the unit is still in warranty.


PS. A good indicator to determine if the drive has a problem is to listen to it during operation. If it makes a lot of rattling noises every 30 or 40 seconds or so (that is the internal head cleaner), the drive is having problems and is desperately re-trying to complete the operation.