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Error ni MSL2024 HP Tape library

Occasional Visitor

Error ni MSL2024 HP Tape library

In past days, library MSL2024 block tapes, when retired blocked tapes, not recongnize the new tapes.
When run HP Storage Library and tape tools, error in drive:

SERVO LOAD (send diag) command failed
Sense Key: 02.ASC: 3a,ASCQ:00

failed and replace device....?
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Error ni MSL2024 HP Tape library

Why are you running the firmware tape to data tape conversion test? That test is only for taking a firmware update tape and converting it to a data tape. Most people never use firmware update tapes. The error doesn't say anything interesting it's a "drive empty" error and a servo load will always fail if the drive is empty.

It may help if you post an L&TT support ticket for the entire library.