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Fault Code 8002 (soft)

Occasional Contributor

Fault Code 8002 (soft)

Hello, I'm trying to use MSL6000 Backup but I get a message.
This message is:
Fault code 8002(soft) Drive Fan stalled.
Please help me how I can solve this problem.
Santhosh D
Valued Contributor

Re: Fault Code 8002 (soft)

8002 -- Drive Fan stalled (The fan in the drive hot-swap shoe is either not installed or has stalled.)


- Press the Enter button on OCP to clear the
- Look for a drive with an amber LED (rear
of library) to determine which drive has
the fan issue. If the drive is not in use,
take it off-line to prevent it from
overheating. If currently in use, end the
operation immediately, and take the drive

After the above steps, Power cycle the Library and that should take care of the issue:-)