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General Colorado 350 question

Alex Kink
Occasional Visitor

General Colorado 350 question

Hi there! I have a small office network that runs behind a 300MHz box with RedHat 7.1 on it. I want to do daily backups of some of the system and some other files, which total up to ~10MB. My friend gave me an old HP Colorado 350 tape drive.
I can't find much info on this drive. Can anyone tell me what tapes are used by this drive, what is the capacity of the tape, and what is the maximum read/write speed? Also, does anyone have experience with using this drive with RedHat or linux in general?
Thank you in advance!
Alex Kink
Occasional Visitor

Re: General Colorado 350 question

Just for some more info. I found a small sticker inside the drive saying that it is Colorado Jumbo 350, if that matters.