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Got error when run Dat 24 Re-calibration script

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Occasional Contributor

Got error when run Dat 24 Re-calibration script


I'm using a SureStore DAT24, attached to a English Windows 2000 Server which the default language setting is Traditional Chinese.

I got an error when I ran script DDSWriteRecalProc to perform re-calibration.

Running script
- Reading script file C:\Program Files\HP Library & Tape Tools\scripts\ddsWriteRecal.ssc
Starting script execution of script DDSWriteRecalProc
Script exception occurred
- SCSIScript: semantic error (Line 58, Error: Unknown device: primary)
Script execution completed

Do I need to buy a new tape drive to replace it?

Thank you very much for your help!

best regards
Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: Got error when run Dat 24 Re-calibration script


No, the reported error condition is actually with the script, not the drive or media.

This is a known defect with the LTT 3.5 version of th escript and a fix has been developed which will be posted with the next service release.

In the meanwhile you can use the previous version of L&TT which does not exhibit this problem.

If you need assistance locating a copy of L&TT 3.4 SR1 please send e-mail to
Occasional Contributor

Re: Got error when run Dat 24 Re-calibration script

Jan Klier,

Thanks for your message, you had gave me a help hand, thank you very much!