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HP 7979

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HP 7979


I am looking for a user's manual of HP 7979. It is a magnetic band reader. I did not find manual in your site.

Thank you for your help.
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Re: HP 7979


is there anything specific you want to know?


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Re: HP 7979


I would want to know if you could send me the user's manual by mail for this machine, or where I can find this document.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: HP 7979

This product (and the 7980) was developed in the 1980s, and I believe discontinued in the later part of the 1990s.

The product was done before the days of .pdf files and web-based support, and I am not aware of any electronic versions available.

The manual shipped in paper form with the product. I looked in and there is no user manual, but there is a service manual still available.

part #07980-90030 55.00
7979A, 7979S, 7980A, 7980S, 7980XC, 7980XS, 88780A, and 88780B tape drives service manual
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