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HP Colorado 14GB dosn't respond after system bootup

Lily Ma

HP Colorado 14GB dosn't respond after system bootup

OS: Windows NT 4.0
jump setting: Colorado tape drive: Master, CDROM drive: Cable select

Device driver installed: HP Colorado 14GB tape driver down loaded from HP site (hp qic517). Windows standard from Wondows NT CD (qic 517.

Problem: When system boot up (Cool boot), tape drive can be detected, and I can hear tape spin in the drive, after system boot up or even Restart system, tape drive dosn't respond.
Message: from NT backup, "Tape device was detected and driver is installed, but tape device didn't respond"
From Control Pannal/Devices: qic 517 was not started, "device is disabled, can not be started"
What is the possible problem.
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Colorado 14GB dosn't respond after system bootup


Remove the tape from the drive and shut the pc down, and power it off, let sit for 20 sec's then power on.

Also, if the tap drive is the "master", then the cdrom has to be the "slave", yet it say's "cable select" - are these IDE drives?

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