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HP DAT 72 External tape drive installation

HP DAT 72 External tape drive installation

Hi All,
I'm currently new to the HP-UX system.
Can all explain what need to be done if i have a brand new tape drive and want to install it to the existing hp-ux rp3440 server. I've read the manuals but cannot get a clearer view of it.
From my understanding, i need to do
plugin the external tape drive, power on then
run the
#ioscan -funC tape
#insf -e
is this correct?
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP DAT 72 External tape drive installation


Basically that is all you need to do.

ake sure that instead of running #insf -e you run #insf -eC tape.

Having said that, you must ensure that you have the drivers in your kernel. Check that you have stape drivers in your kernel. Probably using sam would be the easiest way of doing it as you are new to hpux.
Once there, if not already, just follow the guidelines in the manual as above, adding the class (C) tape to the insf command.

Hope all goes ok.


If I can, I will!
Satish M.S.
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Re: HP DAT 72 External tape drive installation


Following Jash's suggestions, also go in to 'sam >> kernel config >> drivers "(pardon me if I got the sequence incorrect)
and check to make sure that 'stape' and 'schgr' are added to the kernel. The Status should indicate 'IN'. Following this, reboot the server. With this your tape drive should now be ready to take backups