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HP DLT VS80 Tape problem

Occasional Contributor

HP DLT VS80 Tape problem

We have a new HP DLT VS80 tape streamer, and also new tapes. we are running Arcserve for backup and restore.

If we put in a tape that is used ( 1 time or more ! ) the the DLt drive spools back the tape and the eject it !!
sometimes with strange crackling noise while spooling. the tape ejects everytime !!!
If we put in an new tape then it goes ok.
Brian M Rawlings
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DLT VS80 Tape problem

Fred: the VS80 cannot accept tapes that have ever been used in a "real" DLT, like 4000, 7000, 8000.

When you say new tapes work, and used tapes get ejected, do you mean that new tapes work over and over again OK? Or do you mean that a new tape works once, and then that same tape (that's never been used anywhere else) gets ejected too?

If the latter, I suspect a hareware problem or maybe firmware problem with your VS80 drive. Tapes that are new, never used anywhere else, should work OK, over and over again, in a VS80.

Hope this helps. ---bmr
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Terri Harris
Honored Contributor

Re: HP DLT VS80 Tape problem

Brian has made some excellent points, what type of media are you using? And where have the used tapes been before now?
Assuming you are running Windows, stop all backup services & run the HP StorageWorks Library & Tape Tools program. It will update firmware if needed, and report any errors.
Note: If running Windows 2000, stop the RSM (Removable Storage) Manager service. Set it to MANUAL so that it does not restart on a reboot.
L&TT is available here: