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HP L&TT doesn't list FC HBAs

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HP L&TT doesn't list FC HBAs



Server 2003 R2

HP DL385

FC2243 Emulex HBA

NetBackup 7.1

L&TT 4.14


MSL6030 Tape Library

1 LTO3 960 drive


Server HBA is zoned and mapped.


I recently migrated our NetBackup service to different server hardware.  I installed the HBA drivers, tape drivers, MSLUtil and HP L&TT.  Our NetBackup service migrated fine and communicates with the tape library fine but L&TT cannot see the library, nor can it see the FC2243 HBA, all I see are atapi IDE adapters.  A re-scan produces nothing but "Scan complete with errors".  I have attached the log if it helps any.






Re: HP L&TT doesn't list FC HBAs

Issue resolved.


In my particular circumstance, the devices were populated in Windows Device manager but not in HP L&TT.  MS released a Hotfix that I applied and has resolved the issue.  HP L&TT scan now sees the FC HBA and connected devices (MSL6000 Tape Library).


MS Hotifx: