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HP LTO 3 / IBM LTO 4 Compatibility

Daniel Cunnama
Occasional Visitor

HP LTO 3 / IBM LTO 4 Compatibility

I have a Sony LTO Ultrium 3 Data Cartridge that has been written in compressed format on an HP LTO Gen. 3 tape drive on a solaris 10 system. I am trying to read it using an IBM ULT3580 - TD4 drive on an ubuntu system.

The data appears to be completely unreadable. Does anyone know if there is some compatibility issue between the drives/systems/compression?

Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: HP LTO 3 / IBM LTO 4 Compatibility

Hi Daniel,

You haven't told us how the data was written, or how you are trying to read it.


Daniel Cunnama
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP LTO 3 / IBM LTO 4 Compatibility

Sorry, my bad.

The tape has been written with

tar Ecbf 1024

And I am trying to read it with

tar xbf 1024

I seem to be getting Input/Output errors when trying to access the tape which i think could be block size?

Also when doing an

mt status -f /dev/...

I get file number of -1

Thanks again...