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HP_LTT.exe application error

Karl Burbage
Occasional Contributor

HP_LTT.exe application error

Having installed a Surestore dat 40x6e I wanted to install the LTT software. When I try selecting the devices 'blue icon' in the display, after 15 seconds I get the following message...

"The diagnostic functions are operating in restricted mode. Some functions may be disabled or limited while opereating in restricted mode.

"The restricted mode is entered if either the Product ID is not properly recognised, or if the device operates in 'boot code' and requires a firmware update"

If I OK this message I get a Dr Watson's message...

"An application error has occored and an application error log is being generated.

Exception: (0x06d7363), Address: 0x77f1d479"

I am running NT4 Server with SP6a.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: HP_LTT.exe application error

very very interesting. I see this problem first time. Could you please go to SCSI card bios and get:
a) inquiry strings for both autochanger and drive;
b) firmware levels of both;
c) any other info you may consider interesting/useful.
I know there's HP email address where to route LTT issues. I will try to find it, but you please dig into SCSI bios.
In addition please try using LTT in either NT miniport or ASPI mode. Will it work?
Karl Burbage
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP_LTT.exe application error

Thank you for your reply, because this is our main file server I will only be able to go in to the SCSI BIOS out of normal working hours.

Firmware = H107

The problem occurs when I try using NT miniport, ASPI mode is not supported.

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: HP_LTT.exe application error

Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: HP_LTT.exe application error

If I may ask: which version of the LTT software are you using? The currently released version is LTT 3.0 SR1.

ASPI should be supported on NT4, may require an additional installation step though - during the installation of LTT the installation of the ASPI drivers is an optional component which is deselected by default.

Either re-run the LTT install, or un-install and then re-install LTT. During the installation click the ASPI component. Be advised though that installing ASPI most likely will require you to reboot the system at the conclusion of the install - so you may want to coordinate the time of installation.

If the problem continues to occur, please e-mail the LTT status report which should be generated in case of such a failure to for analysis.