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HP StorageWorks DAT 72 USB External Tape


HP StorageWorks DAT 72 USB External Tape

i am using HP StorageWorks DAT 72 USB External Tape DW027A with Windows Server 2003 R2 .

Using the software "NT BACKUP" and give tick mark in,"if possible compress the data and save the disk space" for backup.

using the data more than 40gb+8gb in differnt fils include system files and all. while taking backup asking for 2nd tape.

I did check and update the firmware. check with LTT utilty.. there is no error..

i need to know that is any other thing i need to check for for hardware compression.

i do suspecting that the files are not been compressing ,

Thanks in Advance

Abhilash V Nair

Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: HP StorageWorks DAT 72 USB External Tape

As far as I know it is impossible to use hardware compression with NTBackup. The compression setting you found is for compressing the files on the local disk which won't compress the files on tape.