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HP Tape Drive C1537A tape problem

Eduardo Arruda
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HP Tape Drive C1537A tape problem

My tape drive was working fine till last week. now when i try to insert a tape (i already tried a new one and a old one) the tape does not enter fully. it stops right in the entrance. it looks that is something inside that does not let the tape get in.

Very URGENT ... thanks for any help
Christian Peter
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Re: HP Tape Drive C1537A tape problem

look for a new firmware update and a test software like HP L&TT


start a diagnostic test

answer your result :)
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Re: HP Tape Drive C1537A tape problem

Mechanical problems often indicating a bad drive. If you can't load the tape after a power-cycle you will need a new drive ;-(

Hope this helps!

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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: HP Tape Drive C1537A tape problem

yes you should try a power cycle, but not just a reboot, you need to shut down the server , wait few seconds, and then reboot.
Part of the boot process in the DDS drive is a mechanical reset and a mechanical test, if the test fail, you will have the orange led on at the end, if no leds stay lit, them try to insert again the tape, if you cannot insert, look inside for any object that can obstruct the path.
then call hp if on warranty, or try to open it if OOWaranty
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Re: HP Tape Drive C1537A tape problem

Your Tape Drive has some Mechanical Problem nothing else. Contact HP Support to Replace the Drive.

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