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HP VS80 Speed too low

Occasional Contributor

HP VS80 Speed too low

Hello everyone,I have a problem below:

our server is HP TC2110, use a hp vs80 tape

under windows NT 4.0, our backup software is

Veritas Backupetc 9.0.When we backup data

through Veritas ,the backup rate is

10M/Minute;When we backup data through Backup

Tools within NT 4.0,the rate is

70M/Minute.There must has something wrong with

the software,and who can tell me why and is it

in gear the rate under Windows Nt 4.0?
Regular Advisor

Re: HP VS80 Speed too low


>>Let veritas provide a driver for your tape box(remove temporarily your oem driver). Much better if you can able to download an updated driver from veritas.

>>Also, try to check if your using an updateD SCSI driver and firmware.

>>You can isolate this using another scsi card.

"You should be working"
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP VS80 Speed too low

Bexec recognize the tape unit and tune the system with the FW of the drive, if the firmware is not recognized, it will revert in standard mode and use lowest parameter to backup.
Be sure to have latest patch for your software
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP VS80 Speed too low