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HP colorado 5GB External Drive

Occasional Visitor

HP colorado 5GB External Drive

I have one colorado 5gb external tape drive,
this drive is working with my old pentium III pc with windows xp. but this is not working with my new pentium 4 pc with windows xp.
Drivers everything installed, i can see tape drive in device manager..but when i start windows backup utility its not recognizing the media..pls advise
Mahesh Kumar Malik
Honored Contributor

Re: HP colorado 5GB External Drive

Hi Roxin

I remember such drives had diagnostics utilities. If yes, run the diagnostics with media loaded.


Re: HP colorado 5GB External Drive

Maybe the problem is the parallel port. Look into the BIOS what is on at your P3 PC (standard, bidirectional, ecp, etc.) and try the same at your new PC.

Greetings Marcus
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP colorado 5GB External Drive

this is a very old device, not sure it is in the Hardware Compatibility List of XP.

Probably on your old pc, you installed XP as an upgrade, and he kept some old drivers working in compatibility mode, now, with a new installation, it would be hard to install drivers for NT4 or Win95

Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP colorado 5GB External Drive

You can visit for tape backup compatibilty listings.

Also, you can try downloading Library and Tape tool diagnostic tool and upgrade the firmware. This often cures media recognition problems.

get LTT here: