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Hard Error in HP DLT 8000

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Hard Error in HP DLT 8000

Hi All

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I'm Getting an error when i run a job in HP DLT 8000 with Veritas Backup Manager 8.And we are using this since 3 year but a week ago while taking backup it stop suddenly and thrown a error as


Failed to Load Tape in to Drive,Plunge Control System,Detected an over Volatage.
Pete Randall
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Re: Hard Error in HP DLT 8000

It sounds like it is time to replace the drive. I would place a support call with HP.


F Verschuren
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Re: Hard Error in HP DLT 8000

sounts like broke hartware, how does the lights of the dtp 800 are burning/flasing?

If the ilghts are flashing: broken leader/leader ofplease.
if not:
try to power of/on
Bharat Katkar
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Re: Hard Error in HP DLT 8000

Power Supply Card in the Drive is gone bad. Need to replace/repair the drive.

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aleks mindlin
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Re: Hard Error in HP DLT 8000

I would try to run test "Magazine swaps" from front panel. This test will move tapes from slot - to - slot (excluding drive). If this test pass, it will definately indicate bad drive.
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Hard Error in HP DLT 8000

What version of library firmware are you on?

Update to the latest code (1.72) if you are on anything <1.60, since we added additional error recovery for mechanical errors.

If the problem persists, look at the error qualifier (reported via the front panel), and see if it matches the troubleshooting mentioned here:

Running the full sweep test may resolve issue.
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