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Tape Libraries and Drives
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Hooking up a tape drive.

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Marty Metras
Super Advisor

Hooking up a tape drive.

We have a HP-9000 "A" rp2450
Also have a Surestore tape array 5300 with a DVD drive.
I have a "DLT VS Tape Drive" to install.
On the "A" I have Ultra2Wide SCSI port that goes to the DVD Drive. The PCI slots are full.
My question is, can I use the Narrow Single Ended SCSI port on the "A" to use for the tape drive on the tape array 5300?
Or can I change the DVD drive with the tape drive?
If I can use the Narrow Single Ended port, What is the part no of the cable I need to use?
Can you help?

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Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Hooking up a tape drive.

Yes I believe you can. The ultra2 wide SCSI at address 0/0/1/0 is LVD (low voltage) so this should not be a problem. I am sure that the cable your after is C2362A (5163-2653). You should be using the DVD on the narrow SE SCSI.

Have a look at this document which should describe your unit. see Step 7

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Marty Metras
Super Advisor

Re: Hooking up a tape drive.


OK what you are saying is for better performance the tape drive should be on the Ultra2Wide port and move the DVD to the Narrow SE port. I can do that.
The C2362A (5163-2653) cable is what is on the Ultra2Wide to the DVD. This is a 68pin to 68pin cable.
It is the other cable I need a P/N. The Narrow (SE) port is a 50pin. So it is a 50pin to 68pin cable that I'm not sure about. I'm not sure if the cable type makes a different. It is not a case of "If it fits use. Use it." is it?
Is maybe, the C2906A (5181-7707) 50pin hi-density to 68pin hi-density cable, what I'm looking for?

The only thing that always remain the same are the changes.