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Hot plugging External 35/70Gb Tape Drives

Eddie Evans_3
Occasional Visitor

Hot plugging External 35/70Gb Tape Drives

Hi, could we have the definitive answer to confirm that Hot plugging an external tape drive (ie when the server is running) is not a
good idea. Or even a reference to any documents on this matter.

Many Thanks
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Hot plugging External 35/70Gb Tape Drives


HP never supported this, I don't know what documents are there to prove this, but, being an HP partner engineer, I know this, beleive me :-)

What are the facts?

This "could" be dangerous when there are other drives and/or peripherals connected on the same SCSI bus. The reason is that whenever you install a peripheral on a live SCSI bus, a SCSI reset is performed by the bus to "see" the new peripheral. This reset could affect the other peripherals. However, if you hot-plug it and it is alone in the bus, it should be pretty safe, I've done this a lot of times in private (not on a customer's site, don't remove my certification, HP :-) ) without any problems. Some electrical issues could arise though, that is why HP never supported hot-plugging external tape drives to a SCSI bus, unless, of course, the tape drive is hot-pluggable.

Tape Drives RULE!!!