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How to detect MSL6000 in SUSE 9 AMD64


How to detect MSL6000 in SUSE 9 AMD64

Please help me
I need to install Data protector client in dl580g3 with suse 9 amd64, but i can´t see the drives or the library.
I installed LT&T but my drives and library aren´t detect.
all is about the san wit a NSR e1200-320. this mapping is correct but i don´t know how to verifie if my drives and library is detect.

Please help me eith the response because i need install data protector client in this equipment.

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Re: How to detect MSL6000 in SUSE 9 AMD64


if you are sure about the NSR mapping and SAN zoning, search the /proc filesystem.

I'm not a linux expert, but I would have a look into

cat /proc/scsi/scsi

or into other "files" in /proc/scsi

Hope this helps!

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Re: How to detect MSL6000 in SUSE 9 AMD64

in my nsr i can see 3 host, and this is right because for zones its correct.
but in /proc/scsi/scsi i can´t see the librery or drives

there is an manual for this installation

Shishir Misra
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Re: How to detect MSL6000 in SUSE 9 AMD64

Hi Jimmy.
I had a lot of trouble getting a linux host to see some drives on FC - things finally worked when I installed HP Fibreutils and ran some discovery commands through that. You should explore this option.