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How to force C5713A to stay in stacker mode with NTBackup?

Rod Johnson
Occasional Contributor

How to force C5713A to stay in stacker mode with NTBackup?

We have a C5713A internal 40x6 autoloader, on a machine running Windows XP Professional. We often need to back up more than 100GB at a time, and I would like to set the autoloader in stacker mode, leaving the backup to run unattended. I only have access to NTBackup.

My problem is that I can't persuade the autoloader to stay in stacker mode - as soon as RSM starts it appears to take control of the library and puts it in random mode, where the Select and Load buttons report "Select Lock" and "Load Lock", respectively. If I stop RSM, eject and reload the magazine, the device responds normally to the front panel and can be put into stacker mode with no problem. But unfortunately, as soon as I start NTBackup, it reactivates the RSM, which immediately takes control of the autoloader, unloads the tape and sets random mode.

No doubt I could solve this by using third party software, but I don't need any of the expensive features - I just need to treat all the cartridges in the magazine as a single, sequential backup medium.

How can I force the autoloader to stay in stacker mode so that I can run long backups unattended?

Thanks for any help you can give.