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I/O-Error on DLT4000 Tape Drive


I/O-Error on DLT4000 Tape Drive


I have a problem with a DLT4000 Tape Drive which is located in a C5170F-DLT-Library.
When i perform a dd-command on the DLT-Drive, i get an I/O-Error (before i moved with the uma-command a dlt-medium into the drive).
An "ioscan -fn" show both the dlt-drive and the picker-device are claimed and have device-files. I have alreadey removed the device-files and have rebooted the server. Also the dlt-drive is replaced by a hp-technician.

Can somebody help me??

Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: I/O-Error on DLT4000 Tape Drive


This can happen if you enter a DLT7000 or 8000-written tape cartridge in the drive. Are you sure that you are entering a DLT4000-written tape?

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: I/O-Error on DLT4000 Tape Drive

You might also wish to check the firmware that is on the new drive. It maybe older than you expect. Also, did you or the technician check the drive after it was replaced?
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