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I/O error on Sony Autochanger

Jakes Louw
Trusted Contributor

I/O error on Sony Autochanger

After collapsing my VPAR on Saturday (did anybody see my earlier post on the process required?), we picked up problems talking to the Sony autochanger.

The special files are all 100%, the drivers are all present and correct, the major and minor numbers on all the devices are 100%, but when executing:

mc -p /dev/rac/c50t6d0 -q

I get ERROR: I/O error.

Now, that tells me that either
a) the device is not accepting commands, or
b) the device isn't receiving commands, or
c) the device suddenly doesn't understand mc commands, or
d) the OS isn't understanding the reply

I have double-checked the IOSCAN output for before and after, and apart from the card address (changed from c48 to c50), there is no difference. I have cross-checked all the special files, from sdisk to schgr, and I can't see the problem. I'm stumped.

Any ideas? I can post the 2 IOSCAN extracts if anybody has some ideas.
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