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In continuation to Problem with HP Storage Data Protector

Occasional Contributor

In continuation to Problem with HP Storage Data Protector

When I look at internal Database, I could only see the backups that were taken 2 months back. There are no logs for the two recent backups in the internal database. Are they lost or could they be recovered.
About the Drive, sorry I wrote Default Ultrium Drive, it was LTO Drive, When I try to format or scan a newly configured drive I get this message

Session Id : R2004/05/31-41

SessionType: Media Scan

0 media out of 0 successfully scanned

Media Management Daemon reports
"Details Unknown"

I have checked the Tape drive, it's working fine, I can format it and scan it with library tools. I am able to take backup with NTBackup utility and can restore it.
I feel there is some problem with session creation in Data Protector or it's database is corrupted.

Kurt Beyers.
Honored Contributor

Re: In continuation to Problem with HP Storage Data Protector


restart Data Protector once ( stop and start or omnisv.exe -stop / omnisv.exe -starton Unix / Windows) and try then the scan again.

Where the backups you don't find in the database any more still protected or not. If they are no longer protected, you won't find them in the database again. an imort of these tapes will allow you to access any backups on it again.

best regards,