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Intall SDT-7000 on UNIX

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Intall SDT-7000 on UNIX

I have a HP lt2110 unix server i need to install an sdt-7000 on. im new to unix and have to configure it. is there anyone who has the step by step how to, that could email it to me. the server version is SCO UNIX 5.2 I believe. (Not my server just trying to get it up and running, and believe it or not, i know more than the owner). Please help, It's an emergency. it has all his data for his small business and no backups.
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Re: Intall SDT-7000 on UNIX

hey, welcome here to the hp-ux forum group... sorry to hear you are running SCO UNIX 5.2.. this is so old compared to HP-UX todate.. anyway..

I aplogize.. I don't know much about the sdt-7000

have you entered in your "Search:_________",
also you might search and enter in your search.

here is what I found:

again, welcome to the HP-UX forum.. and please visit us again..

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Re: Intall SDT-7000 on UNIX

Tahnk you. I will check it out.