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Jumper settings on C1557A (Surestore 24x6 DDS-3 Autoloader)

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Jumper settings on C1557A (Surestore 24x6 DDS-3 Autoloader)

We have an older C1557A DDs-3 Autoloader. The manual is no more existent


Actually,we  try get this device working with Backup Exec 2010R3 - it does not work at all.


First I would like to know the function of all the jumpers on the back an on the bottom of the autoloader.


A) There is a group of 4 DIP-switches (vertical) on the back, labeled with "OPTIONS" but not the meaning of each switch.


B) A group of pins (horizontal) which is responsible for SCSI-settings


C) a group of 9 or 10 DIP-switches on the bottom of the DAT-drive. There is no labeling and on my device only  switch 3 is of, all others are on.



Can someone help me ?


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Re: Jumper settings on C1557A (Surestore 24x6 DDS-3 Autoloader)

Attached manual (Unix Configuration Guide)

page 51


this explains the 4 dip switches. In BEX you will want value 6h (off-on-on-off) to allow BEX a choice on which tape to load (a.k.a random mode).


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