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L/9 Auto Loader hangs the sun server

Daniel Larsson
Occasional Visitor

L/9 Auto Loader hangs the sun server

We have a L/9 auto loader with one Ultrium tape drive.
we are able to use the tape drive, when we connect the Auto Changer we can se the changer (probe-scsi-all)and tapes. But when we boot the sun server it hangs.
Any ideas?
Jon Mattatall
Esteemed Contributor

Re: L/9 Auto Loader hangs the sun server

Just a thought...

You are using boot -r from the "ok" prompt, correct?

Also, what model of Sun box is it? And what version of Solaris?

Also, I don't believe you can run the L9 on a Single-ended SCSI bus. You need a High Voltage Differential (HVD) interface.

Details on platform/OS/SCSI comapibility are here -


A little knowledge is dangerous - none is absolutely terrifying!!!
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Re: L/9 Auto Loader hangs the sun server


Hope there is no SCSI Id clashing.....

If i am doing the same way you are doing to me then what is the difference between us.