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LP10000 and Solaris 9 coneecting to ESL9326

Michael Amankwa-Gyamfi
Occasional Contributor

LP10000 and Solaris 9 coneecting to ESL9326

I have 2 Emulex LP10000 in a SUN V880 running solaris9. The HBA's connect to an HP 16E/L, NSR m2402 and ESL9326 with 8 drives.

From the NSR and Switch I can see the HBA's but I cannnot see anything from the V880.

I have configured the LP10000 as specified in the EBS Design guide. my problem may lie in the entries for the st.conf and lpfc.conf files

Any best practices or experiences to be shared?
Cor van 't Hoff_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: LP10000 and Solaris 9 coneecting to ESL9326

Micheal, have you installed HBAnyware from Emulex? You can run a GUI version (/usr/sbin/hbanyware/hbanyware &) which will give you a nice overview of your HBA's and connected devices.

Before you edited the lpfc.conf and st.conf did you see the WWPN of the NSR on your HBA's?