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Lto 4 drive is writing and reading at low speed

Occasional Contributor

Lto 4 drive is writing and reading at low speed

i have Hp storage works lto4 rack mount 1u. I did a write and read test with the tape tool. It shows

- Device Performance Test Started on Drive (Ultrium 4-SCSI) (HBA_6151_9509)
  - 2.1 GB written in 13.3 seconds at 161 MB/s (Min 160 MB/s, Max 162 MB/s)
  - Rewinding...


but while writing with the bru software it only write at 78 MB/. I am using 2:1 compression since i am writing all video (mp4) files there is no compression in it. even then it is not giving me the real speed.


what could be the problem?

how can i achive the real speed?



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Re: Lto 4 drive is writing and reading at low speed

Most likely the source is not fast enough. Use LTT and perform a read performance test of the source drive to confirm if delivers around 80MB/s or more.

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