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ML350G3 & LT04 Tape Drive compatibility


ML350G3 & LT04 Tape Drive compatibility

Can anyone tell me if its possible to connect a LT04 Tape Drive (model in mind external 1760) to a ML350G3 server. The Tape drive specs lists the compatible HBAs, but none of these mention they are compatible with this server. We currently have a storage array with U320 drives attached, so I guess the tape drive should work also???....probably with a correct HBA. Thanks
Eemans Dany
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350G3 & LT04 Tape Drive compatibility


An LTO 4 drive can work with an MSL 350 G3 server.
There is a but.
Even with the correct HBA card for the LTO 4 drive, it is not guarenteed it fit in the server. If i am not mistaken a ML350 G3 is a server with PCI 64 Bit slots and the new cards are PCIe.

Hope this helps.

Ken Krubsack
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML350G3 & LT04 Tape Drive compatibility


You can connect an LTO-4 to a ML350G3. You should still be able to get a PCIe HBA (either SCSI or SAS) and the proper cable for the connection.

Re: ML350G3 & LT04 Tape Drive compatibility

Thanks all

The server concerned had an existing Ultrium1 drive connected to a Ultra3 SCSI card.

I tried connecting a similar Ultrium 4 drive as the one I need to purchase. There were no issues. I guess the only drawback would be the speed of backup will be much slower than the LT04 can theoretically handle.

Anyway, it solves my immediate problem.