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MSL 4048 stucked on firmware upgrade

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MSL 4048 stucked on firmware upgrade

I got MSL 4048 stucked on firmware upgrade. I was advised to do firmware upgrade in order to get rid of "HE: sled outside range" error.


Cannot reboot the library (Unit is busy).

Only hope is to turning it off. Am I right?


I used HP Library and Tape Tools 4.15 to upgrade library firmware to 8.70 version. It failed (timed out) but after reboot it shows 8.70 firmware.

Then I updated HP LTT to 4.17 and followed to upgrade drive firmware from H58W to H6FW which failed again but this time the library remains "stucked".






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Re: MSL 4048 stucked on firmware upgrade

I have seen this before and since this time I only use the web page or USB for upgrades.


Wait a while and power cycle the box, this is IMHO the only way.

Hope this helps!

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