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MSL-5026 Issues. Opening robot door puts tape drives in off-line status.

Marcel de Graaf
Occasional Visitor

MSL-5026 Issues. Opening robot door puts tape drives in off-line status.

We have an MSL-5026 Robot Library connected to a NSR1200 storage router connected to a MSA1000 SAN. We are running Backup Exec 9.1 on 4 servers connected to the SAN each running backups jobs to the Robot Library. They are unfortunately also mission crytical servers running Windows 2000 Server, SQL and Exchange 2000.

I have an issue where, when I unlock the Library to change tapes, the robot and tape drives go off-line. The only resolution is to restart all the servers connected to it or is some cases, restart the Backup Exec services. On occation when the Robot is opened, a server will loose it's connection to the SAN!! And the SAN drives wil disappear and only a reboot connects them. There are errors in the event viewer indicating that the drives went off-line the moment I open the Robot doors. I have recently upgraded the Tape Drivers device drivers (Using Veritas Drivers)firmware, NS1200 firmware, server HBA drivers and Firmware and still the problem persists.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Marcel de Graaf