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MSL-6000 problem after firmware upgrade

Doug Garrick
Occasional Advisor

MSL-6000 problem after firmware upgrade

I completed a firmware upgrade on my MSL-6000 yesterday. The upgrades finished with warnings since I didn't download the firmware from the web via ltt. (I manually download the ltt-ap08.tar)

But, the real problem is that
I get the following messages when I try to start any BrightStorArcserve processes

"failed to connect to communication process on"

... and the drive is not responding to any commands from the front panel it always displays the following message:

"The library is busy performing an operation from an external source"

I've killed everything I can kill on the linux hosts (2@Redhat 2.6.9-42.0.3 ELsmp DL380s) short of a reboot (which is complete last resort)

I've powered down the library several times but it always comes backup and it seems to doing an inventory (which I never consciously initiated)

Any suggestions or next steps would be greatly appreciated.
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: MSL-6000 problem after firmware upgrade


An MSL will usually display the message "The library is busy performing an operation from an external source" when it's first initializing, so that may not be the problem.

If it continues to display after several minutes, it would suggest something is wrong. To rule out any chance of the connected hosts interfering with anything, try simply disconnecting the SCSI cables to the host (or fibres if you're SAN connected)

If all else fails, I'd be tempted to try reflashing the firmware with MSLUtil.

You might also want to share the warning messages you got - they might be useful...

Hope this helps,


Doug Garrick
Occasional Advisor

Re: MSL-6000 problem after firmware upgrade

Thanks Rob, I'm not familiar with MSLUtil. I've been using ltt. Is mslutil a download?