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MSL 6030

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Murtala Aminu
Occasional Contributor

MSL 6030

Hi guys,
I have been trying to install MSL 6030 tape library on a windows server 2003 but discovered that HP says it is not compatible,what i need now is to know how to change the SCSI ID from windows.
Michael Richter
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL 6030


i don't understand why these librarie shouldn't compatible with windows 2003!?

Please describe more detailled what to you want to do oin fact

Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL 6030

I do not understand either.

We have has MSL6030/6060's connected to Windows 2003 server and working fine.

Never been informed by HP that they are not compatible.

Check the following EBS Support MAtrix.
rich pattison
Trusted Contributor

Re: MSL 6030

If you have set an IP address on the library, (this is done from the front panel menu) point your Windows browser to this address and you should get the option to manage the library. You need 'level 2' access - the default password is 2, but this may have been changed for security.

From the main page - go to 'setup' and the option to set the drive and library SCSI ID's should be there. Don't forget you may need to reconfigure your NSR if it is SAN attached.

After all that - why do the SCSI ID's need changing ?
Murtala Aminu
Occasional Contributor

Re: MSL 6030

Thanks for the replies,you can install the tape on windows server but the tape can't see the drivers.
Well about compatibility i have a document sent by hp that some drivers can't be compatible with 2003 server but this tape works perfectly on 2000 server.